New Theme and Old Thoughts

Be patient – I know it has some bugs but it’s late and I will have to play with it later. I like the blue though!

We are planning to go to see the model of the Viet Nam war memorial tomorrow afternoon. It’s a strange deja vu kind of experience to watch the news about the war in Iraq these days. It brings back a lot of memories and some of the same conflicting feelings. I was and am opposed to war and yet I also believe that whenever you are able in this world you should do good and stand up for what is right. I just worry about our true motives as a nation for being in Iraq. I hate waste and I know that people are being tortured and killed for their beliefs but there are so many places that is happening. I read about Darfur and I am sickened. I read about Viet Nam now and I wonder what did we actually accomplish? What will the history books say about the war in Iraq? What will they say about President Bush?

My mother grew up in Canada and because times were hard she quit school and went to work. When I was still in high school she went to night school and got her G.E.D. She had several discussions about differences in the history class she had at that time and the history she learned in Canada. Their textbooks were written from a British viewpoint and had a different slant on a lot of things we take for granted as truth. I used to believe you shouldn’t trust anyone over thirty ha ha. Truth like beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.