Day Four

I have completed four days of being smoke free. It feels scary to say it on this blog because it’s very public and I will be held accountable but maybe that’s a good thing. I am wanting one every minute that I’m not up doing something and I am eating everything not nailed down.

My friend B.J. made it to the north rim of the Grand Canyon yesterday and I’m anxious to hear where he went today. I may know before I finish this post. He has taken some great pics. Yesterday he actually got a shot of some Condors! Maybe that’s the advantage of going to the north rim. It’s more crowded at the south rim because the access to the views is easier and there are more places to look so consequently you have a lot more people around.

This is one of my favorite shots from the Grand Canyon

North Rim

This is the shot of the condors.


3 thoughts on “Day Four

  1. Dee Post author

    Thanks Carolyn – now day 5 is done and while today seemed the worst so far I am still determined. For anyone out there who has thought about trying I will say that the new medicine Chantix really does help. The want is still there but it doesn’t seem as bad. My kids have not threatened to run away yet so I’m hanging in there!

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