Technology Integration Day

My feet hurt – they are propped up and will stay that way until I go to bed. Tomorrow will be busy as everyone will be working in their rooms and they will be looking for me to solve all the minor glitches with their computers.

Today was Technology Integration Day and I did my Web 2.0 Presentation. I think it went well even though I threw a lot at them in a short time. I managed to cover everything I wanted to though I had hoped that there would be time for them to play online a bit. We finished right on time and despite my not being 100% physically and being totally distracted lately I’m reasonable satisfied with the whole thing. I had planned on WOW rather than reasonably satisfied but maybe I can build on this and work my way up to WOW!

I woke up last night from a dream where I found myself in front of a room full of people waiting for me to present and I opened my mouth and completely forgot why I was there. At least it wasn’t that bad!