My Favorite Ways To Use

This is a cross post from my school blog but it really is one of my favorite tools so I wanted to share it here too.
While teaching a blogging class the other day I was explaining about feed readers and I showed some teachers and how you could actually have feeds set up to work for you. An example would be to type in a URL like this: then look at the bottom of the page for the orange RSS button. If you right click on it and go to properties you can copy the link into your news aggregator (feed reader) and as people add links to their accounts tagged scotland, you will see those links as a feed. You can also do the same thing but add another criteria to the search you can narrow down the search to items tagged scotland and history.If I wanted to keep up with what sites are popular on a particular subject I could type and this would generate the most popular links tagged on for scotland.

You can do the same thing with people instead of tags. If you have someone who is in your “circle of learning” you can subscribe to their tags (unless they have designated them private).

These and other tips can be found at if you would like to read more.

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