I am not at my writing best lately and certainly not today. It has been a long exhausting day but I am sitting in Sondra’s room – she is doing great and can push the button on her morphine pump whenever she feels the need. Dale is in ICU and I just went to visit – I will get to go again in a few hours. He is doing fine, the kidney pinked up right away and started doing it’s kidney “thing”. Dale is groggy and goofy but not in too much pain. His blood pressure went a little low so they are backing off on sedation and pain meds to get his pressure up. His color was so much better right after surgery than it has been in years. The first thing out of his mouth when I got to see him after surgery was “How is Sondra” and told me to hug her and thank her. The first thing she wanted to know when I saw her was how Dale was and wanted me to tell him that it was worth it.

I did fine until the doctor came out and told us everything was fine and then I had myself a little meltdown but half the folks in the waiting room were a little weepy, so I didn’t feel bad.

I’m just talked with my kids, they are between Commerce and Paris and on their way to our friends house for NCIS night. I was glad to talk to them knowing they had made it through traffic in Dallas since they left right at 4:30. They should probably be doing homework but I think they are hanging in there pretty good just going to school yesterday and tomorrow considering.

Quite a different atmosphere from when we were here last.  All the doctors and the nurses are happy and that is such a change from being here when he was sick.  They all seem to truly be excited about the whole process. I guess like anyone they are happier when they make a positive difference in someone’s life.

We see so much bad in the world.  When we get to see people be kind and selfless it makes us hopeful and sometimes hope is the best thing to have.

Tomorrow they are saying I can get a wheelchair and take Sondra to see Dale.  If he continues to do as well as he has he will be in a regular room tomorrow. Goodnight and thank you to all who have sent emails, prayers, and good wishes.  I have felt it all and it has given me strength.

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  1. Denise

    Praise the Lord!!! We’ll keep praying for complete recovery for both Dale and Sondra. I’ll admit that I got a little weepy when I read your post and when I got Sharon’s email earlier today. God is good, isn’t He!!!

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