Tuesday Morning Transplant Update

Not much to tell – Dale slept well last night. His sugar was close to normal today and he is feeling pretty good except his side is tender where they took the biopsy. We are waiting to hear the results but at least they brought him breakfast this morning. The doctor seemed encouraged because of the urine output.
We met a nurse over here who lives one street away from us and also works at PRMC North. A friend there told her about us being here and it turns out she walks her dog on our street and has spoken to Dale before. She has come by to visit several times and was going back to Paris this morning so came by and left me her phone number in case I needed her to bring us anything. People have been so kind.


Okay here is the lowdown.  The biopsy did show some rejection so they are upping his steroids. They seem to think that will jumpstart it so he will be Macho man on steroids for a few days and it will drive his sugar up but hopefully the creatinine will come down and the naughty little kidney will start playing nice!

Thank you to all who are sending prayers and good wishes!  We appreciate it more than you will ever know!

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning Transplant Update

  1. Karen H

    So happy to hear that everything seems to be getting better, that road to recovery is hard to travel I’m sure but keep your strength up & you’ll make it. Every day that you put behind you is making Dale stronger it sounds, that’s wonderful.
    We are all praying for your family.

  2. Mary C

    I have been praying for Dale, you and your family every day. Sometimes the recovery road is a little bumpy but time does wonders.
    I miss you Dee. I miss your trips passing through the Library. I’m looking forward to the day when you and Dale are home and I can visit with you face-to-face!
    Hang in there! You are not alone!
    Mary C.

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