Good To Be Back At Work

Dale just kind of piddled around the house and stayed warm today. I think he enjoyed having some peace and quiet with all of us gone. My first day back was wonderful. I missed the place and the FOLKS! There were hugs and laughter and everything was just as I left it. I had emails about fixing some minor problems and in general just felt like I was back home.

Overheard in the hall today:

He said: something…

She said: “Your New Years Resolution should have been to stop acting so immature.”

Yes – it’s good to be back!


3 thoughts on “Good To Be Back At Work

  1. Sondra

    Glad that you are back at work,now that means some things are starting to be normal again. When I first went back to work people I didn’t even know would ask about my brother and me. And that gave me such a warm feeling, people do care in this world. Glad Dale is doing so wonderful.

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