Today is going to be a journal kind of entry – it has been a long day and I am so very glad it is FRIDAY!

Dale went to his appointment at the transplant center by himself today for the first time and everything went well. Two of his meds have been lessened which is always a wonderful thing and he had gained two pounds. We are two and a half months out from transplant and he has just been maintaining his weight for the last month and a half so this is a great thing. All his levels looked good except they want him to eat more phosphorus (beans, nut, cheese, milk, chocolate) because it is still a bit low, though better than last time.

My day was completely devoured by favors for other people, as was most of yesterday. The worst part is that those favors caused me to ask for help from others. It’s bad enough that I am unable to say no to people but when my inability spills over and becomes problematic for others then I truly start to wonder if I need therapy. There were some things I really needed to get done that were left hanging.
I have personally been guilty of asking for free computer work and I truly like to help people but today and yesterday were just insane and I really don’t know what to do about it. The worst was that someone was just plain rude when I was unable to complete work on a personal computer because I was having complications on work computers. I was angry when I left, got angry again as I thought about it on the way home.

I feel a bit better since I have banished that person from the earth. They now live in another dimension where they cannot be seen or heard except as though they are deep under water. Everything is distorted and difficult to understand which is how I prefer it. I think there were speech bubbles over my head that said what I was thinking (and couldn’t say out loud!) but only my friend could see them.
Maybe after the weekend the banishment can end but maybe not. I wonder if time is different there. Maybe a two day weekend here seems like a thousand years there……(insert immature evil laugh)

I need to work on priorities and saying NO but for now I think I will just enjoy my weekend – after all, it will go by quickly!

2 thoughts on “T.G.I.F

  1. Denise

    OK…so who do we need to take out? Let me know, and I’ll help!!

    I’m very glad Dale is soing so well. He’s a walking miracle, isn’t he???

  2. Sally McEwin

    I’m with Denise….we’ll take out your list, hers and then mine! That underwater idea is so cool I tried it out on the lady at the grocery store. It worked. I couldn’t stop smiling because all I could picture were bubbles out of her mouth! Ha!

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