Dale Update April 2008

Dale had his regular appointment today as well as his 6 month glofil test.  His lab work was fine except his white count was low.  They are going to have us go to a local lab and have that checked next week as a cold could do that.  Another culprit could be one of his medications and if that turns out to be the problem they will lower the dosage.

We don’t have the results on the glofil test but it basically entails drinking some iodine in diet coke and then they have you drink a couple of liters of water (or at least it seems like it).  They inject a little radioactive isotope under the skin and then you can only use the facilities when they tell you. You have to drink three times and they draw blood three times.

The good news is they have switched his visits from every two to every three weeks!  Yay! For his sake and the sake of our bank account with current gas prices!

It all seemed to go fine but we didn’t get out of there til 3:00 so it was after 5:00 when we finally got home.  We are now in recliners in front of the tv. Both kids are at regionals and my plan for the night is to do a little laundry, watch tv and surf the internet.  I’d like to stay awake to see Numbers but we’ve been up since 5:00 this morning so I make no promises!

3 thoughts on “Dale Update April 2008

  1. Frances

    Oh, Numbers was good! Hope you could stay awake for it. Good news about the reduction in visits – I’m sure a sign of many more good things to come!

  2. Denise

    Glad things are going well for Dale. He’s a walking miracle, isn’t he?

    It sounds like you two had a nice, restful evening. Hope your weekend ended that way. We missed you for Girls’ Movie Night. You would have loved the movie, and the company and snacks weren’t bad either!

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