Thank You – All Of You!

The first official week of school is complete.  I think it went pretty well and I think it is a GIFT that Monday is Labor Day!!!

I still have to get back in the habit of NOT taking an afternoon nap if I want one.  I am happy to be back at work though, really.  I work with some of the best people you will ever find anywhere, hands down.

Pointy Haired Dilbert had an article entitled “What They Don’t Teach You In Any School – Appreciation” and it really made me think about my job in those terms.  I always feel appreciated where I work and I think that is a blessed thing.

It makes me want to do more, be nicer, give more help, and generally be glad to come to work.

The writer of the article mentioned a boss from the past and how he thought he was the best boss he ever had. The reason?  He knew how to appreciate people and mean it.

I too want to practice appreciation and master it as a skill.  I think more than that I want to slow down and notice the things people do that I appreciate in passing but let get by too quickly.  I know that when I experience it coming from others I remember it and respond to it.  I want to give that gift back to others and give them a bright spot in their day to remember and maybe turn a bad day around. Sometimes that’s all it takes for me.

I don’t always have a lot of direct interaction with students but maybe by having an effect on teachers around me I can “pay it forward”.  Thanks guys – all of you.  You will never know – really!


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