Ten for Tuesday

I stole this idea from a blogging friend.  I am too tired to write coherently so I will make a list of ten things that are foremost on my mind today

1.  I don’t like change but I deal with better as I get older.

2.  Our worship leader moved to a new church

3.  A friend. mentor and teacher moved to a new job

4.  I learned to do a new thing (after stressing way too much about it)

5.  For the first time in months we are not having bible study tonight – people are sick

6.  The weather has been awesome – not too hot, sunny, and making want to be outside!

7.  Sitting on the back porch is relaxing

8.  TV is worse than usual lately – even with new shows there isn’t much to interest me.

9.  I wonder if most people feel as worried and helpless about the economy as I do.

10.  I’m tired and going to go to sleep early tonight!

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