Charlie Brown Politics

I tried to watch the vice-presidential debate.  I realllllllly did.  I managed a half hour and then it just seemed like mouths moving and that blah blah sound coming out like a Charlie Brown cartoon and of course my face hurt from squinching up every time Governor Palin said Nukuler and Eye Rack.  I know that’s petty, but it just kept making me lose track of everything else that was being said.

None of it made me think either one of them has a clue when it comes to the day to day lives of the average American family.  None of this gives an answer to the parents of men killed in Iraq.  I REMEMBER Viet Nam.  Not just what it did to so many young men, but what it did to this country.  It tore us apart.  Generations seperated and the confusion in values that came next is still not repaired.
Now the bail out bill has passed and I am having a hard time (being math challenged) wrapping my mind around it. How you can find money to fix a problem that was caused by mishandled money.  Where does that money actually come from?  Will it actually “fix” anything?  Will people stop borrowing money they can’t pay back for things they don’t need as it looks to me like we are all going to have less money.  If we stop buying stuff will more people be unemployed because there is no need to make stuff that people can’t afford to buy because they are unemployed??  Will I have to pay for this?
Sarah, Joe, whoever ends up in office – can you help me make sense of this?  Translate all this down to how much will I be able to spend at the grocery store.  Will I be able to help my kids through college?  Will there be anything left in our little retirement fund when we actually need it or will I be limping up and down the halls at work on my walker?  That is if I don’t die because I can no longer afford health insurance.  That is if any of us are here since the polar ice cap is melting because I have used too many paper towels and took too long to switch to the energy efficient light bulbs. Sorry polar bears, I didn’t mean to kill you off.

The bible tells us that we are to “cast our cares on the Lord” – that we are literally not supposed worry.  He is big enough to handle it all.  I’m glad because it is too big of a mess for me.   Goodnight and good luck America. I love you and I’m praying for you.