State 08!

State 08!!!

2:15 P.M. I am at work, repeatedly glancing at the clock, knowing that in about fifteen minutes, my daughter will be playing in the Alamo Dome with the North Lamar Panther Band at the State UIL competition and I am a nervous wreck because I am not there.  I am excited for them and nervous at the same time!

3:00 P.M. She just called me.  She felt like it went very well and she thinks she played the best she has ever done. Now we just have to wait for results to see who goes to finals!

4:30 She called again.  They didn’t make finals but they are 9th out of 20 so they can relax now and have a good time.  9th is not bad at all!!  There were 7 bands that made finals so they got pretty close.

I’m so proud of the band.  It has been a long road getting to State and will be a turning point in the lives of some kids just from the realization that they were able to persevere and while the death of one of their fellow band members is tragic and nothing can make that okay, some positive things will come from it.  Yay Panther band – you are champions in my book!

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