The Weather Outside Is Frightful

It is sleeting here, and raining, and maybe a little snow.  It is going to be cold tonight and I think if we have school tomorrow it will be late.  Number one son is on the way back from Lindale with a debate team and I will feel better when he is home.  I don’t like it when the weather is bad and any of the family is out in it – better to be right here in front of the fireplace which is my plan for the evening!

I had to make a computer housecall this evening so supper is late and being on a diet, I do NOT do late well.  The housecall was at a friend of hubby’s and he couldn’t send pictures via email.  The pictures are about a meg and a half and he had tried to send thirteen at one time.  He now has a Flickr account and ran through a practice upload and a copy and pasting of the link into an email.  I’m sure I’ll be going back but hopefully this will hold him for a little while.
Oh but “The Big Bang Theory” made up for it!  Penny gave Sheldon a napkin that Leonard Nimoy signed and when Sheldon found out that Leonard had actually used the napkin and that he had Leonard Nimoy’s DNA he actually cried.  Yes, I guess you had to be there…

I’m going back to having my feet up in front of the fireplace.  Stay warm and dry everyone and LIVE LONG AND PROSPER!

3 thoughts on “The Weather Outside Is Frightful

  1. Denise

    Big Bang was great tonight. Had to laugh out loud at Sheldon and the napkin. Stay warm! You’re on my call list for tomorrow morning.

  2. Karen H

    I was also there last night & loved my favorite show. “Big Bang” never disappoints me, what great funny moments.

  3. Paige Lewis

    Tony and I completely cracked up about Sheldon! The way he brought out all the gifts and attempted to hug Pennye–the writers for that show deserve a raise.
    I love it!

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