Dieting, Holidays, Reality, OH MY!

The month before Christmas I lost ten pounds.  “Lost” is a strange word to use.  It doesn’t really describe the process.  Shoved away makes more sense.  Stomped, fought, starved, anything but lost.  I didn’t misplace it with hopes of finding it later.  It didn’t get pushed to the back of a drawer or dropped behind my nightstand.  I won’t be taking out an ad in the paper or passing out flyers, hoping someone will return it.

I have hit a plateau and can’t seem to break past it.  I was depressed about it yesterday.  Maybe depressed isn’t the correct word.  Frustrated comes closer. This morning I woke up thinking about dieting this time of year.  I realized that instead of hitting a plateau I have just managed to maintain the status quo through the Christmas holidays.  When you think about it in those terms it sounds much better.  I did sample a few goodies so I didn’t feel totally deprived.  I did not gain the weight I lost back, so this is really a letter of encouragement to myself.

This is NOT a resolution.  Knowing myself, I have to hide any kind of formal committment from myself – close my eyes, hide my head under my pillow, whistle in the dark – whatever you want to call it.  I will stick my fingers in my ears and sing lalala, I’m not really doing anything significant here – nope not me.

Here’s to jumping off the plateau.  No more holiday goodies hanging around as I “shed” pounds.  There’s another silly phrase.  Like a tree sheds it’s leaves, a gentle breeze blows and the pounds just drift away.

That last sentence sounded a lot better in my head in my best sarcastic voice.  Has all this made me a bit grouchy?


1 thought on “Dieting, Holidays, Reality, OH MY!

  1. Denise

    So, you should join the twice weekly Penny butt-kicking that I’m really enjoying. She leads us through a GREAT workout guaranteed to get you moving and make you sore. If that isn’t enough, we’re doing pilates/yoga one other afternoon. That leaves you two afternoons on your own to walk or whatever else you want to do. I’d really like to “shed” ten myself before the wedding. Hopefully I’ll start down the mountain I’ve built for myself soon. We’ll make a pact to encourage each other!

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