Fire At Christians In Action

Sadly, there was a fire at a local shelter this morning and 5 people were killed. There were about 30 men staying in the shelter and there was talk about 2 people that had not been found but I don’t know if that is still an issue.

I pray that those men never knew anything. My prayers also go out to the men who survived, and to the firefighters and other officials who were involved.  My brother was a volunteer fireman and had to be involved with several recovery situations and I remember how horrible it was for him to deal with.  I can’t imagine and don’t want to try.

1 thought on “Fire At Christians In Action

  1. Frances

    Amen to that. I’ve gotten to know some of the guys there since I’ve been taking our recycling, and they’ve been great people and fun to joke with when I’ve taken stuff. I so hope that none of my friends have been lost. But even so – what a tragic thing for them and for the community.

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