Life And The Weather

The weather is conspiring against me!  It rained all day yesterday and into the night and we woke up to ice.  We went to work late so I missed my evening walk yesterday and my morning and evening walk today.  I will walk in the morning but I HATE missing at all.  To top it off I have thirty computers to load with operating systems and software and will be gone all next week.  The short day today put me way behind with that.  I am frustrated and there are other commitments this week that are complicating things.  I am really looking forward to heading to Austin and having nothing to worry about but soaking up technology (and I won’t have to worry about finding time to walk – I’ll walk all day) and relaxing at night.  I have a couple of books to carry with me to read, extra batteries for my mp3 player, and I will make a strong effort to leave worry up here.

Number one son found a house and room-mate so hubby is going down to help him move tomorrow – again.  It is a good thing hopefully.  The place he is living came with baggage – a Scottish landlord who likes his beer (duh) and a week ago got into an actual fist fight with someone.  The day before there was a shooting at the apartment house next door.  My checkbook will be crying again.  We can’t squeeze much more out of it.

Daughter has an interview at Texas A&M Honors College while I am gone so please keep fingers and toes crossed, say a few prayers, and think positive thoughts.  She wants it badly and I want it for her.  She is a great kid and it is time something great happened for her.

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