Big Bang Theory Jewels

It has been a strange day and not altogether good.  I have been playing escape tonight watching Big Bang Theory which was a repeat that I had somehow missed. Here are some of my favorite things from the show tonight.

Oh don’t tell her…
We’re playing klingon boggle!
What like she didn’t know we’re nerds?

I LOVE Big Bang Theory!

Word for the night : vociferous – conspicuously and usually offensively loud

phrase for spam and forwarded emails – internet banality

The guys one lab accident away from being a super villain

Sheldon:Woman you are playing with forces beyond your ken
Pennie: Well your ken can kiss my barbie!
Penny: I will not apologize
Sheldon: Well then I suggest you get a very long stick and play panty pinata

Penny is smart to hang out with the nice nerdy guys.  Nerdy guys are much nicer than girls.

4 thoughts on “Big Bang Theory Jewels

  1. Sally

    This was a good one, but Leonard’s mom visiting was so hilarious….could identify some of our students and moms! Oh, my!

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