A Friend’s Passing

It has been a long day and I have things I could post but I’m too tired to think LOL.  I stayed to keep the lab open and left there just in time to swing by and pick up Dale and go to church. I didn’t get to walk but I skipped supper so I guess that evens it out.

A friend from our first church here in Paris died this morning.  He has been sick for awhile and his passing is sad.

The first time we went to that church Dale wasn’t with me.  He was working and I took the kids and went in our old van.  John was the first person to talk to us and after church I couldn’t get the big sliding door on the side of the van to latch and John helped me hook a bungee cord onto it so I could drive home.

The last year he sat near the back of the church and threw peppermints at another friend over a private joke. Whenever you asked him how he was, he always said “Better than I deserve”.  I sat next to his wife in the choir and he often cooked beans and fish for annual dinners.

Those are my memories of him and I wanted to mark his passing by sharing them.

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