The Secret Life of Bees

What a glorious story.  How beautiful women’s spirits can be and how blessed that we can change the world in big ways in small areas through that spirit and through love.

Stories of life seem to me to be of two kinds.  Either the serendipitous kind that leave us shaking our heads and wondering at the inexplicable twists of the world that cause life to follow paths that seem to make absolutely no sense.

Then there are the stories like this one that seem to complete a circuit that has a beginning and an end that shine with the authorship of god Himself.

Maybe these are actually one and the same, the only difference being that our perspective is too narrow to see the full circle.  Whatever the truth, this is a story that will leave you feeling good about the world.  With all the evil and pain, God is at work healing and lifting us up through the very frailties of His kids.

Favorite Secret Life of Bees Quotes

“Don’t writers just imagine things you can’t see?
Why don’t you just imagine yourself another future?”

“Finding out the truth is only half of it
It’s what you do with it that matters, right?”

Great movie.  Great story.