Earth Speaks

The prompt at Sunday Scribbling this week is Language.

Language. What we use to communicate. Different languages (how many do you speak?), exotic alphabets. Language can be a barrier and it can be what connects us, what elevates us above animals. We use it to tell stories, to profess love, to record events, to function in just about every conceivable way, and even to curse at each other. What do you have to say about it?

Earth Speaks

Crack in the pavement
Tiny green
sun like the tongue of a mother cat
licking the kitten’s face
draws it to itself, upward

like the kitten or a child
tiny green reaches for the sun
birds call to it, singing breathe
in younger times earth called my feet
the song spoke to me
go out and up to the sun
the wind and the sky
took me

I lost the language
though I still hear the music
other feet
now go and I remain
longing not for a place even then
nor leaving
answering the earth to go, to grow
but I remember

6 thoughts on “Earth Speaks

  1. missalister

    Finally got here! What a day, what a day!

    Now then, we all have our favs here, and of course I have to tell you mine! I especially loved the sound in my head of the first three lines, the separation of tiny green from cracks in the pavement and the rhyme of sun like the tongue and then off again with a mother cat licking her kitten’s face. Nice : )

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