What Do We Carry

I found a prompt at Scribble soup For Writers.

#58: At the movies
Write a piece, using only quotes from movies, book titles, song verses or titles.

I am fickle with music.  I have a new favorite song every few weeks and I will listen to it more than anything else until I get tired of it.  The last few weeks the song has been Half An Acre by Hem.  Most of this was taken from that song with just a little bit of addition from me.

I’ve wandered many miles and many years from my beginnings.  I have felt at home in other places but lately I have stopped marching relentlessly forward and rested in the present while I look back.  Not to recapture the past, but because I realize I have been in such a hurry that I may have left some important things.  I have spent time being new in new places and finding my place.

But in my heart, I am holding half an acre torn from the map of Michigan and folded in this scrap of paper is a land I grew up in.  Fair Haven Michigan, Denver Colorado, Fort worth Texas, Interlachen Florida, Minden Louisiana, Barstow California, Buckeye Arizona, Littleton Colorado, Paris Texas. There are smaller moves but that is the litany.  Think of every town you’ve lived in, every room you lay your head and what is it that you remember?

I remember the sense of adventure – I loved exploring.  I also remember some times of incredible loneliness until I started making friends, got started in a new job, made a place for us. Do you carry every sadness with you – every hour your heart was broken, every night the fear and darkness lay down with you? I learned that even though people are different in different places, they are also so very much alike.

A man is walking on the highway. A woman stares out at the sea, and light is only now just breaking.  We see the same moon and same sun no matter where we live.  We fight the same fears, heal from the same pains, and get our hearts broken.  Not our spirits.  Not our spirits.  And that is why no matter what happens with our economy.  No matter what happens politically, no matter how we find ways to divide – we will be okay and we will find our hearts.  We are ALWAYS stronger than we know.

I have come many miles, but I am holding half an acre torn from the map of Michigan. I am carrying this scrap of paper that can crack the darkest sky wide open – every burden taken from me – every night my heart unfolding….my home in my heart.

Lake St. Clair picture from flickr Velorutionary

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