What To Do?

We are in a quandary (I love that word), though it is a good kind of quandary.  Jess got the Presidential scholarship from Devry which means about $32000.  That would not cover housing and some other things which I want to know a lot more about before a decision is made.

We had kind of gotten set on her going to A&M Commerce.  We haven’t heard from the Honors College and I think she is probably on the waiting list, but we had figured she could probably do her first year there anyway.

Now we aren’t exactly sure which way to jump.  She could do her first year at Devry if the credits would transfer so we will check in to that too.  The scholarship is wonderful and I am proud of her whichever way she decides to jump.  The Honors College fills fifty slots – there is only ONE slot for this so it’s quite an achievment I think.

I know that not everyone recognizes Devry as a college so that’s a consideration too. On the other hand they have a pretty good record of helping you find a good job and with her getting this scholarship it would put her on the high road for that.  You also finish sooner because you pretty much start school in July and finish with short breaks – not like semesters.  There is a lot of hands on which is something I don’t think colleges do as well as they should sometimes.

Soooo, I’m throwing it out there.  Any information or ideas are welcome!

3 thoughts on “What To Do?

  1. Jerry J

    I talked to my brother about this. He attended Elkins Institute (similar to DeVry) several years ago after getting a BS degree from TAMU-C. He believes places like these are really just intensive cram courses for specific certification or licensing courses, mainly in technical, municipal or engineering type fields. He even taught at one in Austin for a couple of years. While he has no direct information about DeVry itself, in general he feels they don’t have the same value or even caché as a 4-year college degree. They work well if somebody needs to ‘catch up’ with a particular field of study or refresh knowledge to be current for a competitive job market. Just one man’s opinion, but you did ask for input. AND…being a TAMU-C alum, I am kinda partial to old ET. 🙂

  2. Dee

    Jerry, she is planning on majoring in business. she has a real aptitude for computer applications and databases.

    Thank you for your thoughtful responses – we are trying to look at everything as we make this decision!

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