Summertime And The Living Is Easy

It is time for an update.  I know I have mostly posted my writing here lately  but life is going on in the background.  It’s just that like everything in my life, when I discover something new, I obsess about it – Dale calls it “one-tracking” which made me mad until he explained that it was a compliment.  When I decide to become involved with something I will research, read, practice – whatever until I have had enough.  If I ever get my nose chopped off for having it poked into the wrong place it won’t just be the tip – it will be the whole thing!

Today is the first day of summer for me.  School ended yesterday, even though I have to go and take care of things that I couldn’t seem to accomplish with kids there, I will do it on my time, in peace and quiet.

Peace and quiet – yeah.  This morning I got up, drank my first cup of coffee, ate my oatmeal, grabbed the mp3 player and did a mile and a half while it was still less than 70 degrees out.  Sun was shining and not too many folks stirring.  Brandon Heath singing “Give Me Your Eyes” in my ears and now finishing my second and last cup of the day.  Life is good.

Daughter graduated, a few scholarships we didn’t know we were getting and her laptop arrived.  She has a job for a month so all is good there.  Son is home for the summer and has a job.  It doesn’t pay a lot but anything is better than zero.  Still waiting to hear on his financial package for next year so pray.  He has been going at it the hard way and it would nice for him to catch a break.

The old blazer finally died and Dale found another Impala, a little newer than the one we have.  I’m expecting an “occupant letter” any day since the front yard now looks like a used car lot with everyone home.

I’ll be at school Tuesday waiting for the truck from the prison but the Lord was looking out for me when I faxed them my request this time.  I asked for laptops for UIL and flat screen monitors.   The only thing I will have trouble hauling will be some network printers but there won’t be many of them.  I’ve already got a forklift lined up so it’s all good.

I still have computers to load with operating systems and software. I have replaced two entire rows in the lab and am in the process of distributing the older ones to classrooms  I will work on that this summer too.

I have some projects I want to get to around the house too – like cleaning out closets and the garage.  I have some books to return to a friend and I need to help daughter do some major cleaning out and organizing to get ready for college. There is also a stack of books to read next to my nightstand.

Last night I did something I have never done before.  I read an autopsy report.  Spent some time on google trying to figure out what some words meant.  Didn’t seem like much to tell about a living person who just a short time ago was making me laugh til my sides hurt.

For today, however; walking, some laundry, a spinach salad for supper and some sitting on the back porch surveying the kingdom will be good enough.

Maybe I will write a little too 🙂

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  1. Zan

    Hehe, I tend to get singularly minded, I can multitask but when I want to focus on one thing, I focuse to the detriment of everything else I should be doing, like, eating, sleeping, remembering to get up and stretch every so often, hehe…

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