Stealing time #4

I’m not happy with this and I’m not sure why.  I’m going to live with it a bit and revise later if I need to.  Made a few minor changes. A few of the sentences were driving me crazy.

For now this is for prompts from Sunday Scribbling – soul mate and Carry On Tuesday #3 There are waking dreams and sleeping dreams.

Kell bent to pick up the letter at the same time Cassie reached for it.  They bumped heads and they both jerked back.  Cassie rubbed her forehead and laughed nervously.  Kell reached out and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.  “You okay?” He asked.

“I’m fine” she said. “Read the letter, Kell!  The suspense is killing me!!”

He picked it up and carefully unfolded the letter.  The paper was thin at the creases, where it had been folded for a long time.

“It’s my handwriting!” He exclaimed.  He sank down on the couch by Cassie and they read the letter.

“If you are reading this and you’re me – you aren’t crazy and this IS real.

I don’t have a lot of time.  Cassie will be back soon and I don’t want to worry her.  I think we will be moving on soon.

Just a couple of things that might help down the line.  Trust Cassie, but don’t leave it all on her.  She is your soul mate. Time to start carrying your part, dude. Cassie is only part of it – you are key.

Trust the dreams – waking and sleeping.  Be careful because as you now know, things aren’t always what they seem.

The guy with the eyes is real.  He’ll come through time to stop you.

P.S. There’s cash in our hiding place.”


Kell dropped the letter on the couch next to Cassie and started pacing, running his fingers through his hair.  Cassie picked up the letter and reread it hoping for more.

“Stop us from what?” Kell had stopped pacing and stared at Cassie. “What does it mean – I’m key?” He asked.  Cassie shook her head, suddenly unable to speak.  There were tears in her eyes and Kell sat down next to her and hugged her.  “It’s ok.  At least it will be.  We will figure this out together.  From now on it’s both of us.”  He told her as he smoothed her hair.

“I wish I knew.  The only thing I know for sure right now is..”

“Is what?”  Kell asked.

“I’m hungry!”  Cassie said.

Kell grinned. “Let’s go check the hiding place and see what we have.  Hopefully this future still has pizza! Come on.”  Kell pulled Cassie up from the couch and started towards the bedroom.  Cassie followed, curious.  Kell opened the closet and moved some clothes out of the way and knelt down.  He reached to the side and pulled the molding away from the floor.  There, in a plastic bag was some folded up money and cards.  He took the cards and some of the money out and replaced the bag and molding.

“You’ve done this before?”  She asked.  Kell smiled.  “Yes.  Ever since I was a kid.  I had a stepdad that would take anything we had to buy booze so I learned early to hide anything valuable.  The letter really must have been from me.  Let’s go find something to eat.”

They headed out the door and down the street.    They didn’t see the man in the leather coat across the street.  He was  standing in the shadow of a doorway across the street.  The man  smiled and threw his cigarette at a cat that ran by him.  He headed off in the same direction, whistling.

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10 thoughts on “Stealing time #4

  1. Dee

    Steve, Thanks – after revising this I hope Cassie will tell me what happens next.

    Yyam – glad you think so. Interesting is good!

    Marja – thank you but now I’m thinking that part of the problem was that I was spending too much ever forcing the prompt to fit. I may be working on that.

    Shari – thank you, I hope it continues to be enjoyable!

    BJ – I feel honored since I know how you feel about LOST LOL

  2. missalister

    Well, I’m just now showing up over here so of course I have no idea what you weren’t happy with. And I don’t want to know because, like it says on all the blogging currency, “In Dee’s write-ability we trust.” I like this just fine so far. You’re killing me and everybody with suspense and that’s a good kind of killing!

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