Saturday Blessings

Perfect Saturday morning. I got to the walking track at seven o’clock and the sun was already out but there was a cool breeze. Walked two miles listening to music 🙂


Guardian Angel – Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Give Me Your Eyes – Brandon Heath

Vultures – John Mayer

Scientist – Coldplay

The Hardest Part – Coldplay

Follow That Sound – Sharon Little

Into The Ocean – Blue October

All Eternal Things – Trembling Blue Stars

Here With Me – Dido

Living In Twilight – Weepies

Only Hope – Switchfoot

Came home, drank a bottle of water and pulled weeds out of the flower bed, showered and had a shopping, library, hastings move rental day with number one daughter.

Veggies for supper and now I am going to watch a movie, curl up with a book and sleep like a baby.  Doesn’t get much better than that 🙂

I wish these kind of blessing on everyone!

The strength to get up and walk.

Flowers in the yard and a yard to have them in.

Indoor plumbing 🙂

A little money in your pocket

Healthy children to enjoy.

A love for reading.

A family to enjoy a movie with.

Healthy food to eat.

A warm bed to sleep in.

I am blessed.