Stealing Time #5 Sunday Scribbling

Sunday Scribbling prompt was absurd.

Cassie and Kell walked down the street.  The street was familiar and yet it wasn’t.  Subtle differences caused by time. “Look!  The Community Center is still there!” Kell exclaimed.

“Maybe we shouldn’t get too close until we know a little bit more about this time.”  Cassie said thoughtfully.

“You’re probably right.”  said Kell as he glanced around and behind him uneasily

They turned down a side street and headed toward a line of shops.  There were people strolling down the sidewalk.  Some were looking in windows, some talking, and some sharing a cone from the ice cream shop.  About halfway down the street they spied tables and chairs at an outdoor cafe.

“There!  Let’s see if they have pizza.  I know I could think more clearly if my stomach wasn’t growling!”  Cassie said. Cassie and Kell walked down to the cafe and went to the window to place their order.  There was a chalkboard menu to the left of the window and thank goodness, pizza was listed.  Cassie looked at Kell and he grinned and turned to the tattooed, pierced, and bored looking teenager behind the counter. “Two slices of Pineapple and Canadian Bacon Thin Crust and two bottled waters please.” he said.

After he had paid, they found a table and chairs in the shadows and sat down to eat.  Neither one spoke for a few minutes, too busy chewing and licking melted cheese from their fingers..  Cassie reached out and stole a piece of bacon from Kell’s pizza,  “Hey!” he laughed.  The smile kind of died on his face.  It seemed so absurd to be sitting here eating pizza as if all were normal.

“Maybe we need to figure out what we know and then work on what we don’t” Kell wiped his mouth with a napkin and took a swig of water.  We know we are in the future, but we don’t know when.”

“And we know you are supposed to do something – but we don’t know what.” Cassie added. There has to be a reason for my dreams and my uh, ability.”

They finished their water and bundled up their trash and threw it in the can by the counter.  “Come on, lets get a newspaper and some supplies and head back.” Kell grabbed Cassie’s hand and they headed down the street to the drugstore.  They picked up a paper, and some toiletries, coffee and breakfast bars for in the morning.  Kell paid for their purchases and they headed back towards the apartment.

The sun was getting lower and more people were out walking.  Cassie and Kell strolled with the crowd, taking their time.  As they neared the apartment, Cassie glanced in a window as they passed and saw a face reflected that stopped her in her tracks.  Kell stopped and turned to her and saw where she was looking.  As he peered at the window he too saw a face in the crowd that was looking directly at them.  It was there for a second and by the time Kell whipped around to see the real person, the face was gone.  Cassie still stood frozen in place.  Kell grabbed her ice cold hand and rubbed it.  One look at her pale face told him that the face was the one from her dreams.  “Come on Cassie, lets get inside!”  Cassie stumbled blindly, as Kell pulled her along.  He unlocked the door and then relocked it once they were inside.  He flipped on the light and dropped the shopping bags on the table.  “Cassie, talk to me baby!  Sit down here, come on, are you ok?  We are safe now.  We’re inside and he’s gone!”

Cassie slowly sat down and sat at the table shaking. “It was him.  He is here and he terrifies me.  I don’t even know why, Kell!”  She looked up at him.  “I’ve only dreamed of his face.  How can a dream face scare me so badly?”

“Cassie, I’ve never even dreamed of him and it scared me.  There was something about those eyes. They were so cold, even though he was smiling. We can’t let him freak us out though.  You got us this far Cassie.  You’re the bravest person I’ve ever met.  We can get through this!”  Kell, held onto her hands as he spoke.

“That’s the longest speech I’ve ever heard you make, Kell.”  Cassie let out a long sigh. “Ok, we can do this.  I’ll try not to freak out too often.”  As she spoke, Kell picked up the newspaper that was rolled up in the bag and laid it on the table.  They both looked at the paper and there on the front was a picture of the man they had just seen on the street.

13 thoughts on “Stealing Time #5 Sunday Scribbling

  1. Chefdruck

    Oh, you have to keep this going! I am completely hooked. I love these types of tales. So well written, such great attention to detail. I’m dying to know what the cold eyed man was in the paper for!

  2. ~Kathryn~

    love this story … like the others .. i want to know MORE.

    I have to thank you for coming by and commenting on my ‘vent’ this week … i so love the Pez-Head anology – will definately be using that !!!!!!!!! Funny thing is – once i vented all that I felt so much better … over it already !!!

    thanks for the visit

  3. missalister

    Ohhhh! Super-smooth move, Dee! The creepy-eyed dude, there on the front page. Excellent, bravo and all that! You sure got this cliff-hanging art down like nobody’s bidness! There’s one big problem, though. No beer. Pizza and beer. Or at least a coke! Water with pizza, not good ; )

  4. Laelah

    Interesting post and certainly kept me on my toes the whole time. I’ll have to read the parts before this some other time since I’m pressed for time at the moment (with my internet timing out every several minutes or so).

    One thing to mention, thank you for your comments on the story blog. I really appreciate them and I also hope you don’t mind me linking your blog over there. 🙂

    And another thing, you wouldn’t happen to have visited my Blogspot blog? because I remember your screen name. 😀

  5. Dee

    missalister – you are probably right. I could change it to coke. I’m holding off because 1. don’t know for sure where I;m going with this, and 2. Not a beer drinker. Not opposed to alcohol categorically – just never have liked beer. That’s why it didn’t even occur to me. I drink water all the time so I guess I just assumed that Kell and Cassie would too LOL. Evidently I’m projecting my likes and dislikes on my characters. hmm.

    Whitesnake – hope you meant absurd in a good way! Grrr 🙂

    Laelah – thanks and yes I have visited both. Love your story!

    Everyone else – thank you so much and I will be working on the next installment!

  6. ~sis~

    great tale…really makes me want to know more!! and more!!
    and fwiw, pizza and water works for me. don’t drink beer and coke is ick…plus it made me think the couple were younger….travelling thru time and all that. 🙂

  7. paschal

    Good to know there’s still pizza for us travelers out here.

    Interesting parallel between the faces that are and are not here in both this story and the Wizard’s. I like how you use them.

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