Stealing Time Part 6

No prompt – just story.

Kell and Cassie quickly scanned the article under the picture of the man.  Kell flipped back to where it was continued and they read on.  “This says he is a businessman from New Orleans and he’s planning on investing in this community where he now has some of his interests.” Kell said.  “It makes him sound like he’s a saint!” Said Cassie shivering.

“I know” Kell was yawning now.  “I am too tired to think .  The last few days are catching up with me, I guess.”

“Me too.  I feel like it’s been weeks since I’ve slept.”  Cassie said.  “I’m tired, but I’m not sure I’m going to be able to sleep.  It worries me that he is out there and  knows where we are.”

“I bolted the door from the inside.  If he was going to hurt us,  he has had opportunities.  I think he is waiting for something, though  I can’t think what.  Maybe if we get some rest we can make some sense of this in the morning.  Do you want to shower first?” Kell was folding up the paper and picking up the sack of toiletries.

“Sounds good.” Cassie got up tiredly and took the sack with shampoo and toothpaste.  A hot shower is sounding pretty good.”

“Cassie headed for the shower and Kell turned down the bed and looked in the closet.  There was her robe.  Now what should he do?  This was weird, to find they were married.  They hadn’t talked about it at all and now….well, with everything they had been through, they would face this too, he hoped.  Listen to me, thinking this is something we have to face.  This had always been easy before, as though they had always known each other. He took the robe off the hanger and knocked on the bathroom door.

Cassie opened the door a little and he could see she was in her underwear. He held out the robe to her and she smiled and said thanks and then froze.  I’m standing here in the door in my underwear like it’s nothing, she thought.  Why was this is so awkward? Now she was nervous.  How did he feel?  The whole marriage thing, they really hadn’t had time to talk about it, to get used to the idea.  She looked at his face and his eyes caught hers and she knew it would be okay.  She trusted him, and he believed in her.  He had the funniest look on his face.  She smiled and he grinned as though he had been waiting for her reaction.  Yes, it would be more than okay.  “Thanks!”  She said and closed the door.  She clapped her hand over her mouth as she felt the uncontrollable giggling start.  It’s the stress, she thought.  She stepped into the shower and let the hot water rush over her, calming her.  She was tired, full, and now clean.  Heaven, she thought.

She turned off the water when she was through and dried off.  Using the same towel to wipe off the mirror, she combed her hair out and brushed her teeth.  She hung the towel up to dry and then stopped and got a clean towel out for Kell and put it over the towel rack.  She pulled on her robe and stepped out into the bedroom.  Kell was sitting on the edge of the bed reading the rest of the newspaper.

“Learn anything helpful?”  She asked him.  “Ask me in the morning when my brain is working again.”  He said. “I’m way to tired to think.”

“Your turn. I even left a little hot water for you.”  She said.  She saw he had turned the bed down, and that he had a clean tee shirt and boxers with him.  She grinned at him as he gave a little shake and closed the bathroom door.  She turned on a lamp by the bed and turned off the big ceiling light.  She checked the lock on the window and shuddered a bit before pulling down the shade and making sure the curtains were pulled shut.  She wandered around the room, looking at their things and wondering what it had been like, picking them out together.  She yawned again and went to the bed and curled up on the pillows.  She could hear the water running and Kell humming in the shower.

Kell came out of the bathroom drying his hair.  He looked up and saw Cassie, sound asleep on the bed.  He sighed,  hung up his towel, combed his hair,and lay down on the bed beside her.  He reached out and touched her face and then picked up the little medallion she wore on the chain around her neck.  She never took it off and now he had the weirdest feeling.  It looked familiar, like he had seen it somewhere else.  He would ask her about it in the morning. He pulled the covers up over both of them and reached over to turn out the light.  Cassie turned onto her side and he curled up next to her, pulling her up against him.  Cassie snuggled a little closer.  Kell put his arm around her and she pulled the arm closer and in minutes, Kell was fast asleep as well.

Outside in the dark, the man in the leather coat frowned.  He stared up at the window where the light had been a few moments ago with hate and determination, turned on his heel and headed back down the street, whistling.

this truly is a bit rough.  I need an English teacher smacking my hand with a ruler on a regular basis.  I’ll go back over it later to fix it,  just had to get it down before it went out of my head.

7 thoughts on “Stealing Time Part 6

  1. paschal

    Dee: The dislocation of their being married and having to catch up to it is intriguing; you play off it nicely in this scene, and then leave us with two fine teasers – the medallion and the whistler.

    ETs up Paris way got a thing about rulers? Something I learned from my English students down here: fretting over all the details gets in the way of the creating itself – slows it down, even shuts it down sometimes. Of course, what I also learned from some of my writers is that they like to think of the rough draft as the one and only draft.

    Glad that Cassie and Kell are back.

  2. Dee

    Thanks Paschal. I had a second grade teacher in Michigan who was long past retirement time. Used to rap our knuckles with a ruler for any infraction LOL

    I’m struggling a bit with two things. I had to look up what to do with character thoughts – quotation marks or italics. There seem to be several opinions and in the end, I just left them alone.

    The other thing is a spoiler and it’s coming. I’m just not sure about my ability to write it. I can dump a lady into a sand pit and cover her with concrete but “personal relationships” are a whole new level of freak out for me. I have to think how to handle it and then see if I can get the words to show it without botching, offending, or making it seem like a b movie. That’s part of what has been jamming me up. It’s marinating though and it’s sweet and sour all the way!

    The teasers give me a “candy bar” to write to for the next part. They are for the reader, but also for me. The story is the meal, the teaser is dessert. I always did like to sneak dessert first.

  3. paschal

    Dee: You mean you’re not a southern girl? Then how Paris? That’s quite a journey and probably another time.

    We can do so much more with word processing these days that “quotes” for thoughts seem unnecessary, but then they never really were necessary in the first place. (I smile when my students still underline their titles; ever heard of bold, folks?) I might use italics if the thoughts are really haunting/dramatic, but reading back through this piece, what you did seemed just fine.

    Spoiler? Sex? This was, after all, in a way, their honeymoon night. I wondered if you were headed there in this piece: not being prurient, but it’s always interesting to see how people take on the challenge, because the first time around for us writers is quite a kick, perhaps a bit like our early experiences with the magic itself. It’s really kinda cool.

    Then again, that may not be the spoiler at all. I just followed the scent of “personal relationships.”

    As for desserts, of course. I have a 20 year old t-shirt, nicely thinned out and soft now, and liberally daubed with paint by my artist wife Tina (who’s absconded with the tee)…t shirt is from the Ashland Bakery in Ashland, Oregon: the back reads Life is short – eat dessert first. I see the mantra everywhere these days, but loved it when I ran across it for the first time.

    Just stay away from the lemonade, cher.

  4. Dee

    You read me right on the spoiler and I have the document open and keep dancing around it, running away from it, and adding one or two words at a time. When it isn’t freaking me out, it’s cracking me up that it could make me this uptight.

    I’m a transplant by way of Florida, Louisiana, California, Arizona, Colorado and then here, with a few layovers in between. Been here for 14 years. It has been a good place to raise kids, make friends, and settle in for the long haul. Not sure where we will end up after the kids college but I take it as it comes these days.

    I’m steering way clear of the lemonade. I may not be a southern girl but I still prefer sweet tea 🙂

  5. Dee

    Minden from about 78 to 98. Came through New Orleans on a Greyhound bus with a suitcase and a portable sewing machine during Mardi Gras. THAT was an experience LOL.

  6. paschal

    Been through (or past) Minden many times through the years, since my favorite route to and from Jackson, MS (where much of my family lives) is I-20 Jackson to Shreveport, and then on down 79 – the Palestine Highway, as I like to call it. Last summer, my son and I took a road trip to Nashville to a sister and her family. We stopped at Minden on the way back from Jackson for breakfast.

    That little Mardi Gras morsel sounds like a good seed for a future story. It’s probably grown some solid roots on the compost heap by now…

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