Promises, Promises

white wedding

one word prompt: vows

They wrote their own vows as was the fashion just then.  He would love her forever.  she would cherish him always.  He would take care of her.  She would love and support him.  Who knew how long forever would seem.


There were promises and vows that she made to herself.  Vows that promised she would not live her entire life with this misery.  He never understood her, never tried.  She was tired of his harping about money, the house, the kids, couldn’t she do anything right?


He had made vows to her when they got the news.  He vowed he would not let her have pain, would not let her linger in limbo.  Vowed that he would never forget her and see that the kids remembered too.  she made him vow that he would marry again and not wallow.


She took her vows and went into the cloistered life.  She never wanted to end up like her mother, sad, bitter, disappointed in the world and old before her time.  She would never depend on man for her life, love, fulfillment.  She had a better way.


He vowed if he ever got out of this cell he would get clean and go see his dad.  He vowed on his mother’s grave that he would make things different, better.  He would marry the girl, get a job, buy a home.  He would join the world.


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4 thoughts on “Promises, Promises

  1. paschal

    Dee: I like what you’re doing with the OneWorders – making them your own and, I assume, taking them out for as long a walking meditation as you want. In this prismatic view of vows, I particularly liked the last one. He would join the world. What a commitment that is.

  2. Dee

    I decided that it shouldn’t be painful to do these prompts. The whole idea is to spark some creativity so I took license 🙂

    When I read back over this I was under impressed but maybe if I continue to experiment….something to play with.

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