One Word Prompt: Spun

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One Word prompt :Spun

His head spun with all he had heard and seen in the last hour.  How could so little completely change the way he thought, felt, believed.  He had heard but now he really saw.  It was all real.  He wanted to understand more, learn more, be more.  All because this tiny person had come into his life.  A son.  He was not the person he was an hour ago. He never would be again.  He was DAD.


The thread was light and barely visible but she had spun it so finely.  It would hold and they grasped it hand to thread each so that the circle was complete and the magic flowed through the thread to each and joined them in the spell.


He mashed the button on top of the brightly colored plastic and it spun across the floor playing music and moving all the colors into one.  He clapped and crawled to do it again and again.  Simple and beautiful, gold curls bouncing. The light and colors created a spell that flowed into the sunlit dust motes.


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2 thoughts on “One Word Prompt: Spun

  1. paschal

    Lord, did Part I strike a chord. December 3, 1998, as I watched my son’s body emerge, like a sleeping (golden) Egyptian god: I thought I was watching the most magnificent Mardi Gras float processing down St. Charles Avenue. Yeah, that spun my head, all my reality with it.

  2. Dee Post author

    True. Our first was less than 4 pounds and sounded more like a kitten than a baby. Our entire existence for months revolved around feeding him. Now he is over 6 foot and 200 pounds. Who knew 🙂

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