An Experiment

the sun sisters want to rock me
but I fell into the ocean spray time after time
I need a resolution, a remedy now
faster than the speed of sound
I ride wild horses on a mandolin wind
listening to my heartbeat
it’s a mad world at the last chance texaco
if you got the money the yellow taxi
will take you there
to feast on berries just for one minute
one word alert
I’m lazy and these hands
would write vows
but it’s too late to apologize
you had the time of your life
free falling in your wildest dreams
I will follow you into the dark
because this is how you remind me
I’m surrounded and can’t find my way

5 thoughts on “An Experiment

  1. paschal

    Love that first line, and all the allusions to songs to the key of life; how many folks quote early Rickie Lee Jones in their experiments? Love her Flying Cowboys album, though Last Chance Texaco was probably my favorite off the first album.

  2. Dee

    Worked for Stevie, who am I to mess with success – my playlist and ‘one word’, just trying to make my spirit fly. I miss albums in orange crate bookcases and radio stations that would play entire albums. That dates me doesn’t it?

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