I”m starting to feel the summer circling the drain and it will be time for school to start before I can blink.  I’m looking forward to getting back to work and at the same time, dreading the end of summer vacation.  I get to used to staying up, sleeping later if I want, not worrying what day of the week it is.

This week we will move number one son into his apartment and number one daughter will go for freshman orientation and get her classes scheduled so the sign is on the wall.  Fall is around the corner.

Son’s laptop has major problems and I’m ordering a new hard drive for it in the morning.  I googled how to install a new hard drive and I think I can do it myself.

I’ve committed to being involved with the church webpage so I am working on getting up to speed with Joomla, the content management system they use.  Today the host migrated it to a new server and upgraded to a newer version of Joomla which means that for now the original site is still in place while we choose a new template and do some rearranging on the new site before we go live with it.  It will be a bit of work at first but once it is set up the way they want it it will be easy to update.

My quote of the night from Big Bang Theory (yes it was a repeat, but a good one.  I am sooo ready for the new episodes!)

Shelton: No you can’t go on a quest to the Black castle – you’re only a level 25. Those Hungarians are just using you for dragon fodder!

Penny: Boy you think you can trust a horde of Hungarian barbarians.

It has been a hectic day and I am curling up with my book and going to sleep.  Currently reading “Finder”  by Emma Bull.

Goodnight blogosphere 🙂

3 thoughts on “Flotsam

  1. paschal

    Goodnight, Gracie.

    Ms Educator Professional Person: You owe it to yourself and those others of us in full denial that there is much more of summer to savor yet. Do not, I repeat, do not start counting down the days. This is the period when it is imperative to live day by day, and think day by day. I’ll enjoy “it” when “it” gets here, but for now, there are so many many many many many many days (and yes, weeks!!) of summer vacation left.

    Breathe, hermana.

    Loved the quotes.

  2. Robin

    Even though I haven’t had a summer off in awhile, there is still something nice and relaxing about summer. It’s always a little sad to see it come to an end.

    City of Glass is almost ready for me at the library. FINALLY! I’ve been on the waiting list for months now. If it comes in today, I think I’ll spend the evening reading.

    Oh, and you are showing up as spam again in google reader.

  3. Dee

    Sorry Paschal – I will try to control my pity party and suffer in silence LOL

    Thanks for the heads up Robin – Enjoy City of Glass!

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