The Table

First attempt at Three Word Wednesday.  Prompt: cradle, perfect, and snare.

The Table

She cradled her head on her arms, resting on the oak table that had deepened dark and light grains from years of gathering.  If the table could speak it would tell a perfect tale of their history.  The meals, lovingly prepared and laid out for the family, the homework completed while a mother dried the dishes with one eye open for daydreaming, the late night glass of milk to help a worried father pass the time till a newly licensed driver arrives home.  The scratches from  patterns being pinned and cut for home sewn dresses and the stains from the red candle that had been allowed to burn for too long waiting for an anniversary dinner that was delayed by overtime.  Memories were a snare that held her, aching and unable to move forward.

22 thoughts on “The Table

  1. Anthony North

    This hit home perfectly. We have a small table nearly 30 yrs old. We’ll never get rid of it because of those marks – even to the point of the kids writing messages on the underside for us.

  2. Fledgling Poet

    These were such heartfelt memories, filled with such meaning and emotion. What a beautiful read! I’m so glad you decided to participate…hope to see you again. :~)

  3. Tumblewords

    Wonderful. Sometimes, I think current generations replace many things before finding they’ve lost a fine piece of history. I enjoyed this read a great deal! Well-written!

  4. Just Someone

    That was so beautiful… if you think about it, just an ordinary setting that could happen anywhere… that is the beauty of it. I could really see the beauty of the place, and could visualize her head cradled in her arms… that was just superb writing…

  5. andy.

    Yeah, the table, is a great image, and with all the projects I have on the go, I keep finding that I need a bigger and bigger one!

  6. Daily Panic

    I feel the same emotional attachment to my own table.
    it is like a memory keeper. If things didn’t happen there it would be like they didn’t exist.

    Welcome to 3WW. You wrote an excellent post.

  7. Dee

    Thank you everyone for your kind comments. I’ve been tied up getting kids moved and ready for college so I have neglected answering everyone individually. I truly appreciate everyone taking the time to read and comment.

  8. Nairobi

    Hi Dee,
    Lovely write.Such simple everyday stuff put in great words.

    Liked how you wrote these lines:
    ….the late night glass of milk to help a worried father pass the time till a newly licensed driver arrives home

    Keep Writing…cuz that’s what u do best!

  9. MichaelO

    If objects could talk! The tales they tell. You’ve told a marvelous one here. The kitchen table is the center of my family’s universe!

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