The Pause

One Word Prompt: Pause

I wrote, paused, and wrote some more

I kept playing the tape over and over again, hitting pause when it got to the part where he proposed to by best friend.  I would hit pause and stare trying to convince my eyes that they were not seeing what they were seeing but no matter what direction I tried to come at it from the truth remained.


There it was, the pause.  Always the pause.  He would start to say I love you and she would hold her breath to listen more carefully for it.  It.  The pause. He couldn’t say the words without hesitating.  That’s how she caught him in the lie.


Breathe.  Pause.  This is the good part.  This is the meat of the story.  Wait for it – it will come around just as surely as the music comes around on the guitar just before the singer begins. Just as surely as the leaves burst out on the branches after the frost has ended.


She stood very still.  The wolf paused his circling and sank down in front of her.  He smiled with the eyes of , oh it can’t be.   But she knows in her heart that it is.  How can she be friends with someone who changes to this – this – thing?  And she knows in her heart that she loves him no matter what.


This heart will beat
blood will move to hands and feet
breath will be drawn in and out
and in between each beat is a pause
the moment when the universe stops
waiting to see if life will continue
for another beat
til the next pause


pulsing changing dancing
alive for the moment
unable to think beyond today
singing the eternal song
enabled by  hope


2 thoughts on “The Pause

  1. paschal

    I love how these all bounce together, cerebral bumper cars, bumping bumping. You are definitely the Queen of the OneWord Multiplex. When I first saw these, I was going to congratulate you on morphing the (for me) dreadful “paws” prompt into “pause,” but then I saw that the Worders were getting all homophonic on us. I sure hope pause i is fiction; I’d burn that tape if it ain’t.

  2. Dee Post author

    All fiction professor though his beard does make him appear a bit wolfish :)Pause/paws, potato/tomato – it’s like doing somersaults across the lawn when you were a kid – it may not go very far but it’s great exercise and fun as hell when your head stops spinning.

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