Ten Things For Tuesday

1. I learned how to install a new hard drive in a laptop (my son’s)

2. I learned how to use a new toy that lets you get data off the old hard drive and put it on the new one  (Thanks Tony!)

3. I learned that if you look for hard answers then you will get nothing but hard answers

4. I learned that pressing F12 to get your laptop to boot from the cd drive may not be all you need to do – you may have to change the boot order in the bios to make the cd drive priority (Thanks Eddie)

5. I learned that if you have to do all these things in a hurry that it will be stressful and not go as smoothly as you wish

6. I learned that if you think you are done, something else will happen (like your daughter’s car will fall apart)

7. I learned that if you help your son and his roommate move, the roommate will have a lot more to move than you think and everything will be on the second floor

8. I learned if you wait til the last minute to do everything – a last minute is all you will have.

9.  A mustang does not hold very much if you are moving with it

10.  I learned that the term summer vacation is relative…

2 thoughts on “Ten Things For Tuesday

  1. paschal

    1. Love the wisdom of #3 and #8.
    2. Love thinking of the mustang as horse, rather than vehicle. You did mean vehicle, didn’t you? 😀
    3. My eyes went blank while reading #10. Sounds dangerous.

  2. Dee

    1. – does it count as wisdom if you learn it through stupid mistakes? and
    2. Yes a vehicle – if you can call the silly little thing a vehicle! and
    3. breathe easy – I meant it is a relative term when you have teenagers. You have more than days and daze left…

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