One Word Changes :Planet

One word prompt: planet

Okay – I started this and wanted to keep going past the minute time that the website gives you.  Since I’m queen of this little corner of the blogosphere, I decreed that I could have as much time as I wanted.  🙂

She leaned on her cane and slowly followed the signs that said disembark.  The hall wasn’t that long.  Her kids were all grown and had their own families.  Her husband had passed away years ago. There was no one to actually miss her. The one requirement was that she would have to remain here.  The process would revert if she went back to earth.  She said her goodbyes and headed off planet.  She had sold her house and stocks and bought the whole package.  She was sixty five but soon she would be young again.  The white clad attendant at the end of the hall directed her to the Fountain Of Youth salon.  The brochure said there would be no pain and she was more than ready.

She was directed to a changing room where she put on the tissue paper robe.  When she came out the table was ready.  They helped her up and she laid down.  The pillow was fluffed, the lights lowered, and her favorite music was playing softly. Some sort of candle or incense was burning and it smelled of cinnamon. She closed her eyes and felt all the old aches and pains that age and arthritis had given her and thought about all it had taken from her.

That was all about to change. She would wake up healthy, with shiny hair and flawless skin.  Young and better than she had been when she actually was twenty. No more glasses, her eyesight would be clear and she would be able to wear heels and a bathing suit and she would take better care of everything this time around. She would have, well, her whole life in front of her.  A do-over, the kids would call it.

She slowly came to consciousness.  She stretched but nothing felt the same.  Her legs felt bigger.  Her shoulders too.  Her hair was short?  What was going on?  She felt a little panicky.  She started to sit up as she opened her eyes.  A smiling attendant reassured her that she was alright.  There had been a slight glitch in the program though.  She was strong and healthy – nothing to worry about there.  “How did she feel about the name Mark instead of Mary?” He asked.

7 thoughts on “One Word Changes :Planet

  1. Dee

    My luck that’s exactly how it would turn out for me LOL. Might be kind of interesting to see how the other half lives though….

  2. ThomG

    I say go for some Fiction in 58. It’s really taught me to nail descriptions in less words; that every word choice counts. It has helped my creative writing, as well as in my job as a reporter.

    (And thank you for all your kind comments.)

  3. missalister

    EGADS! It just don’t pay to mess with mother nature!
    Loved the suspense you built up, Dee. I didn’t know what to expect. I was getting coiled tighter and tighter as I read and then SPROING! Good one LOL!

  4. missalister

    Oh, Lord, Dee, I just came back from Thommy G’s site after having read your comment on his Monday’s Fiction in 58, “Proposal.” What a hoot. Ya gotta read what I wrote there!

  5. Dee Post author

    I had to go back and read my comment as well as yours and I was sitting with a bunch of teachers waiting for a training session and I burst out laughing. It’s a good thing I am working on clarity writing the fiction in 58s – I obviously need work in that area….Now to go to Thom’s site and add a disclaimer! I always wished I could write comedy but it seems I am only really funny when I don’t mean to be!

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