Three Word Wednesday Glamour Queen

Three Word Wednesday Offering: glamour, pitch, accentuate

This is depressing but it was on my mind.

Small face with large eyes accentuated by pitch black liner.  Hair piled up on top of her head making her appear taller than her barely three foot height.  Dressed like a little glamour queen, mama sent her down the runway.  “Now strut it baby – think beautiful, cuz you are!”

The lights hurt her eyes and her skin itched from the make-up.  If she did good mama would let her have one of those little candy bars.  Ten years from now she would get the diagnosis, breast cancer at fifteen.  Cause?  Early onset puberty and toxic reactions to more skin products than most thirty year olds need.  At least mama would have the trophies to remember her by.

Safe cosmetics campaign

This is not meant to offend anyone – just food for thought.

3 thoughts on “Three Word Wednesday Glamour Queen

  1. paschal

    Lordy, Ms. Dee: Thought I was in a Diane Arbus photograph. Apparently I was. Keep shinin’ up these gems, girl. The novel’s coming along just fine.

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