One Word: Icy

Running behind on One Word – prompt: icy

Yeah we bought the nice house in the burbs.  Thought it would be a great place to raise the kids, PTA, soccer, mini-van.  the whole enchilada.  Then we found the graveyard back behind the house.  Now my days are spent slopping around in this old ratty robe trying to stay awake, the result of sleepless nights as the icy hands of backyard ghosts reach out to me. I think I will introduce them to our realtor..

3 thoughts on “One Word: Icy

  1. missalister

    Ooh, nice. And c r e e p y!
    I guess this is Dee Day! I’m cruising through, seeing what all I been missing. And I see your idea factory’s been cranking OT! Great fun here! 😀

  2. paschal

    Damn, you’re good. Believe it or not, you may be writing 58s, but you’re also writing a novel here: these voices are On. The. Money.

  3. Dee

    I stuck this up there without editing it at all. Gradebook training in Dallas today. I’m going to go back and fix spelling errors in it. I was hoping to do some writing on the ride over or back but had good friends and great conversations going on so maybe I can get caught up tonight. Thanks for the props – glad you are enjoying it!

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