General Catching Up Post

6189_confused_woman_trying_to_hook_up_computer_power_cords_on_a_power_strip_with_the_power_strip_unplugged Our campus is at about 40 80 percent getting on the new domain.  This is pretty  good.  I would have liked to be further along but weird little things happen to slow the process down.  People are, for the most part; being incredibly patient and supportive for which I am so grateful.  Hitting hit hard tomorrow to try to get as much done before Monday as possible.  We have to go to Tyler Saturday but maybe Sunday afternoon I can finish up any stragglers before students arrive on Monday morning.

On the ride to Tyler I can work on my list of where to start Monday morning.  I’m glad I only have the responsibility for one campus.

There hasn’t been time or energy to write for FUN until tonight but things should get a bit easier now.

For tonight it’s tv, french fries, ice cream, and early to bed.

P.S. A thank you to my daughter who was hired as a temp to help us get all this done – she has been AWESOME!

2 thoughts on “General Catching Up Post

  1. Dee

    Root beer would be nice but not on Brownie Moosetracks Ice Cream – Vanilla with fudge AND brownie chunks. Heals what ails you!

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