One Word Bar Hopping

One Word: bar

He walked in the bar, familiar sounds of glasses ringing against glass, Laughter and talk all around.  Dark snuck in the door, but inside all was light.  He saw her in the back booth and strode to the back.  Stuck a couple bucks in the juke box and turned and smiled at her. She arched one eyebrow and took a sip of her drink.


They made odd shadows across his face.  He slowly woke up, head pounding.  Couldn’t remember what he had done last night or where he had done it.  Smells and noises, not like home.  Oh man, where was he?  Those shadows again, dark, light, dark, light. Bars? He opened one eye.  What had he done?


She had recently passed the bar.  She had the requisite taupe suit, white blouse and heels.  Gold earrings, everything good quality but understated.  She had scrimped and saved for the briefcase and now she had her first client.  He met her in the client/attorney area.  Wasn’t much to look at.  This was not how she thought she would start her career.

4 thoughts on “One Word Bar Hopping

  1. paschal

    Deft feints, right and left, stones skimming across the flat mirrored surface of the lake. Lots of room to wonder/wander inside the nooks.

  2. Dee Post author

    I don’t get time to respond to everyone as I would wish but I want to say these are delicious and I am tucking them away for a raining museless day 🙂

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