One Word Achoo

One Word prompt: sneeze

The news said to stay at home unless you absolutely had to be out and about.  Well some folks might swallow that garbage but the rest of us have work to do.  I had taken the bus downtown and luckily it had been nearly empty so I was able to get a seat that was apart from anyone who might be carrying the germs.  I had always had a cast iron constitution so I saw no reason why I couldn’t go to the office and take care of business as usual.  I passed the custodian in the hall on my way in.  “Morning, John.” I said.  I turned the doorknob going into my freshly cleaned office and put the coffee on.  I fixed myself a cup and sat down at the computer to answer some email just as I heard John sneeze out in the hall.

2 thoughts on “One Word Achoo

  1. paschal

    First time around, in the evening rush, I missed the sly Dee in “freshly cleaned office,” followed by the sneeze in the hall.

  2. Dee

    maybe Dee was too sly, but then again, I figure it will be the little things that ensnare us while our attention is diverted by what we think is important LOL

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