One Word, Two Speakers

One Word Jive: stereo

kryptomellow makes me yellow
windows open to the breeze that
brings the beat, the bass
the duster dancing
in the living room
bedroom, dining
dance to the working, window washing
pillow plumping
got my records
can’t be beat
stereo jive
I am alive
it shines it gleams
it’s friday lights the weekend nights
lock the door
the sounds and sights
the stereo, the barrio
the rodeo

don’t matter daddy O

dance the night, the dust, the day away

2 thoughts on “One Word, Two Speakers

  1. paschal

    Great poem, great pic. I like how we both riffed off of Donovan (your mellow yellow, my saffron), and I love your round of O’s:

    the stereo, the barrio
    the rodeo

    don’t matter daddy O

    Groovy, sister chick.

  2. Dee

    In the movie Michael, John Travolta and Jean Stapleton dance down the street at the end of the movie. Music only angels could hear – no heavenly choir just a ditty to keep the feet moving fearless, carefree, soundtrack to the journey. Donovan in a time when Saturday morning meant chores made easier because the radio was playing and you danced with the vacuum and the duster was a microphone 🙂

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