What’s The Key?

Three Word Wednesday, One Word and Sunday Scribbling all rolled up.

The Minus is loveless
He talks to the land
And the leaves fall
And the pond over-ices
She don’t know the system, Plus
She don’t understand
She’s got all the wrong fuses and splices
She’s not going to fix it up
Too easy

Joni Mitchell

Go to the back of the book014
Finger lickin down the index
the revelation is the key
Faces, faceless words
shot through wires
slip in the door, in the chair
sit down stand up
push the buttons, the red, the green
the big one twice
minus the answers plus troubles plenty
you want answers
she ain’t got them, they’re in the mist
the twist, under the bradford pear trees
watercolor washed sky behind
he got answers?
all those words and not one question
shooting at me, glare past me
I got your questions right here
open the box
anything there?
box to box ain’t heart to heart
if it’s just boxes
we’re going down in a blaze baby
the apple has lost it’s luster
there’s a worm
two miles later
I’m laying it down
Go back to the book
the back of the book
finger lickin down the index
the revelation is the key

No idea where the image is from so if you happen by and it belongs to you, drop me a comment and I will remove it.

14 thoughts on “What’s The Key?

  1. paschal

    Damn, girl: I’m gonna start walking the track meself. This finger-lickin’ throwdown is one, as I tell my kids, for the fridge: in your case, a ten-story fridge. I’d rather not tease out favorite parts, cuz the whole thing is. just. awe. some. Molto bene, Sister Dee.

    You know it, too, dontcha? The house was a’rockin’…

  2. anno

    This one had me dancing, and thinking, and dancing some more. And licking my fingers, too (the cheez curlz, you know). You’re on a roll, girl. Don’t let the 9-5 slow you down!

  3. Dee

    Gautami – glad you enjoyed it.

    Anthony – thank you for the compliment.

    Linda – I love the boxes, as long as we remember they are nothing but metal and wires without people.

    Paschal – it was good to let it out and lay it down. A lot of frustration. Computers and education are a wonderful combination but only if we (meaning the tech folks) keep in mind that they are just a tool to make things easier and better for the real work which is educating children.

    Anno, glad you came by for a whirl around the floor – you can bring your cheez curls anytime!

    Jennifer – glad you found some shiny pieces in the pile 🙂

    Jeeves – thank you kindly

  4. moise

    box to box ain’t heart to heart: you sure got that right. There’s some big truths in here; a lot of fun, too. Thanks, Dee!

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