Blog Re-decorating

Please excuse the oddities – this did not go as planned and so it is temporary.  I will be making some changes but for now this is what it is.

I think I will live with this for awhile.  Hope it hasn’t been too disuptive 🙂

4 thoughts on “Blog Re-decorating

  1. paschal

    Ditto with Tony on the look. You didn’t like that 1950s kitchen wallpaper that floated through at one time yesterday? 😀 I think it was the middle oddity. Very crisp, this one. More room on the page?

  2. Dee

    LOL That wallpaper was something to hold the fort while I figured out what I broke as I tried to make changes. Since my tolerance for frustration is at an all time low, I stuck a ready-made up here and walked away from it for a bit. I do like this. Nice and roomy 🙂

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