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Blog Re-decorating

Please excuse the oddities – this did not go as planned and so it is temporary.  I will be making some changes but for now this is what it is.

I think I will live with this for awhile.  Hope it hasn’t been too disuptive 🙂

Three Words

This post has two purposes. I am trying out a plugin that lets me finally embed youtube videos here. I also want to share this video as a great idea for a class project. It could be themed according to any subject and filmed in pieces at different times and then put together later.

Three Words

If you do a YouTube search on Three Words you will find many versions and each as some very creative and powerful segments.

thanks to Mark Ghosh for the embedify plugin that allowed me to finally embed the video!!

A Little Santa Break

My kids always want to know what I want for Christmas – I’m totally telling them this:


Quote from the back cover:

Champagne punch anyone?
Watch for fun, stress-reducing ideas sprinkled throughout the book, such as the best lotions for busily blogging hands, refreshing recipes, and great ideas for cocktails

That’s what I’m talking about!

New Bloggers!

We have some students who are blogging and I have started visiting their blogs to leave comments and encourage them. This is so exciting to see! I know that this is not a new thing in some districts but for us it is brand new and I feel like I have had a tiny bit of influence here. I don’t teach these students – I’m not even on the same campus. I was one of the first bloggers in our district and I have been an advocate so I feel a little like a proud mama or at least great aunt. I hope they find a new way to express themselves, a new way to communicate with each other, and new ways to find the common ground that connects us to each other as members of the human race. Then again, maybe all that will happen is their grammar and spelling will improve because they realize other people are reading what they write. I’m betting on the former.

Animoto Breaks Blog? My Fix…

After I embedded the Animoto video in my previous post, all other posts were slammed up against the left margin. I also couldn’t enter any text after the video and the commenting function was broken.

All I had to do was place center tags before and after the embedded code and it fixed the problems. Hope this helps anyone else that plays with it.

Bump in the Blogging Road

I accidentally “blew up” my theme this morning so I had to revert to an older one. I am not sure if I will fix the old one or end up with a totally new one but for now we will be living with the pink butterfly theme.

I am concentrating on work right now as we get everyone settled for the rest of the school year. Things will gradually wind down over the next few weeks and there will still be projects but the sense of urgency that everyone has will calm down.

As things calm down I can get back to learning about wordpress theme creation and coming home with a little bit of brain left and thoughts enough for things other than one or two word phrases like “hungry”, “sore feet” and “sleep now”.

I also plan on getting back to the list of four or five most important things.

Tomorrow is another day…