One Word Can’t Cut It

One Word: Scissors, Three Word Wednesday: incubate nightmare vanity and a little bit of Carry On Tuesday.  Mixing all the flavors tonight.  A little Halloween something…

there was just enough light to see the glint, the shine, the oh my God they are sharp.  I tried to shrink back into the corner but I think she heard me breathing.  Nowhere left to go.

It started with a stupid idea. Just a drunken conversation one night and it had been sitting there, in the back of his mind incubating.  Now here he was in the middle of a nightmare.  It was nothing but vanity to think that she really liked him.  She was way out of his league and he knew it all along.

He knew he should have left before it got dark.  The stories always say they come out at night.  Always.  Just like the silly girl that hears the noise in the basement and goes to check.  You just know it’s a bad idea.  So why was he here?

It doesn’t matter why.  He thought it was the scissors that would get him but that wasn’t all that was gleaming in the dark.  Cold hands reached from behind to cover his eyes.  That silky voice, crooning now “Guess who.”

He stiffened.  He could try to run but where would he go?

9 thoughts on “One Word Can’t Cut It

  1. gel

    I am hooked on your writing. Engrossing tale, just right for this Halloween season! Happy Halloween! (eerie sounds in the background… :D)

  2. Dee Post author

    Thank you P!

    Lissa you know it never does any good to run…

    Thom – I count it something if I gave YOU a shiver LOL

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