One Word Arrow

One Word: Arrow

He wanted to cover his ears and hide. His legs and arms shook with the effort and fear.  He pushed on, more afraid of standing still.   Men screamed and fell all around, a blur of browns and reds. He fit another arrow into his bow and let fly just as the dragon crossed  the sun.  It was pure luck that the shaft buried itself into the throat between two gold and green scales and with a shriek it plummeted to the ground crushing everything in it’s path.

4 thoughts on “One Word Arrow

  1. paschal

    Reminds me of the final sequence in Zemeckis’ Beowulf which, despite its “Polar Express” look, eventually grew on me.

    I’m loathe to make content suggestions, but I first read the “let fly” line as “let fly just as the dragon crossed the sun.” Dropping the “in” seems to give off the dragon’s true terrifying enormity.

    Slap my hand to put down the paintbrush and banish me back to grading papers, if need be.

  2. Dee

    Never slapping that hand – whether it holds a paintbrush, eraser, or red pen. How will I learn if I don’t hear? I make spelling and grammatical errors that frustrate me and often go back and wonder what I must have been thinking. comments and critique always welcome. Praise is wonderful – we are all a bit addicted I suppose, but it’s not always helpful. Feel free to step into the professor role anytime.

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