The Long Walk

Three Word Wednesday : karma, obey, wither and two days of one word: amber and shield with a little fiction in 58 thrown in with just a pinch of Carry On Tuesday.

He carried her for two miles.  She weighed next to nothing. She was his Amber and now she was gone.  He tried it the worlds’ way. He obeyed every rule he knew.  He did nothing to have karma spit on him  but here he was, with nothing to shield his heart that would wither and die without notice.

9 thoughts on “The Long Walk

  1. MichaelO

    Wow! Gut wrench in six sentences. “…with nothing to shield his heart that would wither and die without notice”. Brilliant!

  2. gel

    I enjoy reading your writing and seeing how you rise to the challenges. Special snippets/peeks like this entice me. I want more. Means good writing. Hope nano is going well. I’ll be back to look for a link to read Also, if you want a visual break, I have posted more “awesome trees.” I love photographing “different” aspects of trees, as you have seen!

  3. missalister

    Oh, ouch. Pain and obscurity. Like your other recent ouch, “The Singer.” And done artfully, succinctly like one snip from your Edward Scissorhands chick. Looks like your NaNoWriMo project is marching along just as well : )

  4. swapna

    Hi Dee,
    You did great with those words. It indeed was a long walk with nothing to shield his bare heart.

    Hope you do well in nanowrimo.
    Thanks for stopping by mine and always appreciate your comments.

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