Two Men and a Lady

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Sunday Scribbling : interview

It was almost too easy.  Sean had typed up his notes on the interview and now he had a hankering for one of Joe’s pulled pork sandwiches.  He went to the coffee pot and stared at the murky dregs.  This pot had been made hours ago and looked like it. He dumped it in the sink and got a fresh filter and filled it.  He wiped up some grounds that had spilled onto the counter.  He thought about the conversation he had last night with her.  She would certainly be hired once his report was turned in.  The moment he pushed send on the email with that report attached, he would be committed.  They had been dating for a few months and he looked back in wonder.  Meeting her was  an accident.  Pursuing a relationship was done with purpose, in fact, with a vengeance.  Now he had to think about the future.  Could the relationship survive working together?  Danielle had promised that her support would move him up and that she would be right there helping him. He was already working on a plan for her “departure” if she didn’t follow through.

Danielle stopped in the ladies room before her next appointment.  She knew that Sean was in the office below making his little plans, but she had a few of her own.  She touched up her make-up and pushed an errant strand of hair back.  She smoothed out her skirt and took one last backwards glance in the mirror.  Smiling in satisfaction, she followed the hall to the corner office where the head of purchasing worked.  She smiled at his secretary and gave her name.  As she stepped through the door and quietly closed it behind her, Sean’s boss stepped from around the desk and took her hands.  She kissed him and smiled.  “You should be getting the report on my interview any time now.”  George was in his seventies and the last stroke had caused him to limp a little.  He smiled back at her.  She was covering all her bases.  It would be tricky balancing the two of them but George never left his floor and Sean could be handled.

George knew that any reason a woman like Danielle would be interested in him would not be his good looks and charm.  He had passed that stage long ago.  Whatever the reason was, she had a few talents and he intended to take advantage of those.  He read the message behind those carefully made up eyes.  She had her own agenda and thought she held all the cards.  He knew she was stringing along that idiot downstairs. He figured she was planning to play them against each other.  What he lacked in stamina, he made up for in experience.  He knew directions to take this game that were not even on her map.

18 thoughts on “Two Men and a Lady

  1. old egg

    Hell, this just like an office I once worked in. I survived by keeping my back to the wall. Excellent writing like this makes one want it to go on. Great work.

  2. paschal

    Murky indeed, Sister Dee. Mercy: I shoulda read the blog from bottom up, saving the runic strange one for last, but here we are in the caverns of your diabolical twin. I love that George is beyond drooling limping old ego-stroke and still very much with his own wits about him.

    Actually, there’s something almost biblical about these historias diabólicas of yours: cautionary parables. Modern-day Christ sits down on the green and starts: There was a woman and two men…

    Good, Atwood-sticky stuff, hermana.

  3. Dee Post author

    Now you’ve done it P – I should be writing and I am off day dreaming about what kind of parables Jesus would tell if they were set in modern day vernacular and situations….My diabolical twin is grinning. Atwood? My my. Danielle should beware.

  4. Bluebethley

    What a wicked twist in narrative to different points of view. Will there be more? Is this for NaNoWriMo? This one makes me more than happy I retired. Thank you alo for visiting. And keep writing!

  5. Sepiru Chris

    A week late in my commenting, but what a smile I am left with. Wish I had come by earlier. Looking forward to seeing what happens in your head with this week’s 3ww

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