The Stone

One Word: cone Sunday Scribbling : Oracle

The cone shaped stone sat in the center of their village. It had been there as long as the oldest of them could remember.  No one knew where it came from but the old ones whispered and crossed themselves whenever they had to walk past it.

One summer night when the lightening was burning in the velvet sky with no rain in sight, the stone began to glow.  The villagers came one by one to stand around it, not getting too close but needing to see.  There was a crackling sound in their midst and the strange one who was new, came walking out of the crowd.  Her hair was standing straight out from her head and sparks were flying out from her.  Her eyes were black and staring at something only she could see.  They backed away leaving a wide path for her.

She was barefoot and as she approached the stone, runes appeared all over the surface.  When she was almost to it, light sprung from the runes as though it was filled with lightening itself.  She reached both hands to touch it and she and it burst into a cold white flame that died almost as soon as it flared up.  The light momentarily blinded the villagers who had backed off screaming and covering their eyes.

As their sight returned, they fearfully looked upon the spot where the rock had stood for hundreds of years.  The rock was completely gone and now the girl with the lightening hair was laying on the ground and the delicate pattern of the runes from the stone was imprinted on her skin in lavender and blue.  The girl moaned and sat up.  Her hair was now snow white but she looked unharmed.

“What happened?” she asked, but all turned and ran back to their houses leaving her there alone, except for a wee child. “What do you want?” she asked the child.  The child pointed to the stream and the girl walked to the edge and looked down.  In the moment when the lightening shot across the sky she looked at her reflection in the water and lifted a hand to her face to touch.  When she turned around, the child was gone.

13 thoughts on “The Stone

  1. paschal

    Awesome. What beautiful universes your imagination travels. I was blown away by the strange one as she approaches, but then the transcription of the runes upon her skin, aaah, that was just gorgeous.

  2. Dee Post author

    may have to revisit this one at a later date. It was a wonderful reprieve from a future world that badly needs some magic. Nanowrimo is kicking my ass.

  3. Dee Post author

    I just passed the 24000 word mark and came here for some comment lovin 🙂 I have promised myself that if I can get the 25000 mark passed I can go play at Sunday Scribbling so back to work!!

  4. Jae Rose

    I love this Dee – absolutely fantastic. And we were along similar lines I think which is a bit uncanny! In my mind I pictured somewhere like Glastonbury,UK I don’t know about you! Jae

    1. Dee Post author

      I can envision that. I am from the states but I went to Scotland years ago with my mother. Her mother was from Glascow and I love the UK – would move there in a second if Mr. Thoughtwings was amenable. A lot of my “magic” stories probably come from how I feel about the ancient feeling of the place. It’s no wonder so many stories about wizards and faeries come from there 🙂

  5. Jae Rose

    Yes, there are some magical, mystical places in Scotland too – but thankfully far less midges and rain in the South West UK (where I’m from!) Jae

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